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  • SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer 48
  • Swingyde Golf Swing Trainer w/ Video
  • Line M Up Pro Putt Positioning System
  • Dave Pelz's Bunker Board
  • Training Aids

    There is plenty to work on in playing golf. From putting to perfecting your swing. New Gold Solutions is proud to provide you with all of the Greens, mats, nets, and swing trainers you need.

    With the selection of golf training aids we carry here at New Gold Solutions we are with you every step of the way at practice. You know that if you want to impress your friends, perfect your swing, and lower your score you need to hit the field, but you don’t need to be dependant on what the weather may or may not permit you to do each day. With the training equipment we provide you can work on your game from your own home, and further refine your practice techniques out on the field!

  • One item we recommend for anyone looking to work the kinks out of their swing is the Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer. Load up the lightweight sensor to your glove and swing away. You then can use your smartphone screen to replay and review your swing from any angle with full 360 degree control.

    Another great tool is the Pro Golf Pivot Training Aid by Golf JOC which is a great means to train your muscle memory into correct technique. This will put your swing in shape to develop the use of leg and back muscles, prevent reverse pivot, and improve your weight transfer mid-swing. If you have the room, there’s no reason not to use this inside, either!

    These are just two of the great tools in our catalogue. If you want swing trainers, grip trainers, nets, or practice putting greens, New Golf Solutions is happy to ship them all right to your door.

  • Golf In Sync Short Game Training Aid
  • The Pill Golf Single Training Aid Ball
  • SKLZ Pure Path Training Aid