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    Buying golf clubs can be a daunting task. While the experienced golfer knows what he or she wants, and can certainly find top tier quality Maruman clubs here, the beginner can become easily lost searching through drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, iron sets, wedges, and putters, not knowing the difference!

    At New Golf Solutions we encourage researching what you precisely need so that when you browse our selection you can hit the fairway with confidence in your need clubs. For the newbie to the green we have a bit of explaination for you to get a jump start on picking out the best option for you.

    All golf clubs, whether they are putters, irons, wedges, or woods, have four components in common.

    The grip is the rubber cover that goes over the last eight inches of the club shaft. There are jumbo/oversize, midsize, and standard grips. For performance find which size fits your hands most comfortably.

  • The shaft is the graphite and/or metal that makes up the length of the club. Depending on the particular use of the shaft you will want it to have a different flex, that is, how stiff or flexible it is. Regarding flex you can see what’s what based on the “L” for ladies, “A” or “M” for amateur or senior, “R” for regular, “S” for stiff, and “X” for extra stiff.

    The hosel if what connects the shaft and the clubhead. Based on your arm length, swing style, and height, you will need a specific hosel as this dictates the angle at which the club head rests.

    The clubhead is what hits the ball. This controls the distance the ball will fly from your hit. So make sure to find the appropriate clubhead for the task you will be using the club for, be it t-ing off or putting.

    New Gold Solutions is proud to be able to bring you all manner of clubs from Wilson, Performance Golf Equipment, and Callaway.

  • Rife Switchback Two Putter
  • Bridgestone J715 Driver DEMO
  • TaylorMade Women's Kalea Putter