• TwistTee Adjustable Golf Tees
  • SkyCaddie Touch GPS
  • Ping Pioneer '17 Cart Bag
  • Garmin Approach S20 GPS
  • Goose Golf Towel w/ Putting Mate
  • “A good golfer has the determination to win and the patience to wait for the breaks.” -Gary Player

    At New Golf Solutions we hope to make those breaks come through a little bit more often with the right gear to help eek your skill to the next level. We know that golf is a skill game above skill games and the challenge lies in responding well to difficulty. Having a fraction of an inch in direction changed can make or break a shot, so why not have the quality equipment to negate those infinitesimal variables that can throw you off? Narrow that margin of error to the greatest extent you can. New Golf Solutions focuses primarily on bringing you the sharpest clubs, training aids, and accessories to help keep you in competition shape.

  • Looking for a solid club can be a tricky task. You need enough flex, the right grip, the hosel has to be angled just right, and if the clubhead is sized off it's a bad deal. We carry Callaway, Paragon, Tour Edge, Paragon, and plenty more to make sure you have lots of options to find just what you need.

    Carrying loads of different trainer aids there is no reason you have to miss a day of practice. Whether using a 3D swing analyzer on the driving range to critique your technique in practice or a pivot trainer from Golf JOC to commit actions to muscle memory, you'll be in sharp form come game day.

    Need golf balls? 2-layer, 3-layer, or even 4-layer if you think you can handle it. Golf bags, gloves, and shoes. Whatever you find that you need New Golf Solutions is sure to have plenty of options so you can spend less time shopping, and more time winning.


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